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Icelandic Horseshows

                 Icelandic Horseshows at Varmilækur
Experience the spirit of the North, Icelandic horse in Skagafjörður.
The popular horse shows "Meet The Icelandic Horse" are at Varmilækur. The Icelandic horse, the most useful and faithful servant and friend through the centuries, is introduced and made familiar, his history told and extraordinary qualities pointed  where the guests get in touch with the horse and daily life on a typical horse breeding farm.

For bookings and further information contact: Magnea Guðmundsdóttir, Varmilækur, 560 Varmahlíð, Skagafjörður Tel: + 354 898 7756 and + 354 453 8021 E-mail:
The horse farm Varmilækur is located 8 km south of Varmahlid in Skagafjordur. Varmilækur is only 8 km away from Varmahlíð. The farmers are Björn Sveinsson and Magnea K. Guðmundsdóttir who have bred, trained, and sold horses and served tourists for many years.  Many very good horses have come from Varmilækur through the years.   At Varmilækur there is always a wide selection of horses for sale.
Welcome to Hrimnishöllin at Varmilækur
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